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In all honesty I had some trepidation (okay, a lot!) in attempting to write a blog. Would it be boring? Would anyone want to read it? Would it be too hard and take too much time? However, the technological challenges, stylistic elements and creative opportunities were too intriguing to pass up. So with high hopes and pens poised (figuratively), here goes!!

It is now April but as I live in the South where the seasons are hot and hotter you don't usually get to experience typical spring weather. I often think of places where spring is welcomed with the abundance of new life and the sights and smells of rebirth, like the cherry blossoms you can see below. This is a photo of Himeji Castle which was built in 1333 in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. The castle has over 800 rooms and is also known as Shirasagi-jo (White Heron Castle) because it resembles a bird taking flight. I visited this castle many years ago and highly recommend it. To me this photo epitomizes a wonderful spring day.

As the blog takes shapes (or flight) hopefully it will transport you to places you will find as interesting and inspiring as I do.

This blog will primarily focus on my experiences traveling in the United States and abroad with an emphasis on cruising, cities/towns, hotels and restaurants.

Some of things you will read and see on the blog:
1. Buildings, architectural structures, and interior design elements
2. Historical background and insights on the places we encounter
3. Photos of structures, landscapes, food, and animals

What you will not read or see on the blog:
1. Photos of myself walking, eating, talking, or just posing for the camera
2. Repetition of our daily routine as that may be of little interest to the reader
3. An arrogant or judgemental point of view

Hopefully this blog will be informative, as well as humorous at times and provide a departure from your everyday activities.  The ability to reflect on past and present experiences often takes place during my travels. Having new adventures allows me to gain perspective and the means to be introspective. Of course it is also wonderful just to get the heck away from work too!

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